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Botzone : A Game Playing System for Artificial Intelligence Education

  title={Botzone : A Game Playing System for Artificial Intelligence Education},
  author={Haifeng Zhang and Ge Gao and Wenxin Li and Cheng Zhong and Wenyuan Yu and Cheng Wang},
The Botzone Intelligent Agent Platform is an online intelligent agent competition platform. The Botzone is designed to evaluate the intelligence of agents through competitions between them. The Botzone provides a context for users to learn basic AI knowledge and apply a variety of AI algorithms. It has been used as a teaching system and has served National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) as a competition platform for many years. The Botzone is also an expandable system, which provides a set of… 

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Botzone: an online multi-agent competitive platform for AI education

Botzone is a universal online multi-agent game AI platform designed to evaluate different implementations of game AI by applying them to agents in a variety of games and compete with each other, featuring an ELO ranking system and a contest system for users to evaluate their AI programs.

Botzone: a competitive and interactive platform for game AI education

The structure and features of Botzone are described, and case studies of instances of applications are provided, to simplify the teaching process of game AI courses and inspire self-study AI learners.

A Game Battle Platform based on Web-API for Artificial Intelligence Education

A web-API battle mechanism using Websocket protocol is presented, which increases the number of concurrent matches on servers and reduces CPU usage by 40% and supports higher concurrency.

DouZero+: Improving DouDizhu AI by Opponent Modeling and Coach-guided Learning

The integration of the above two techniques into DouZero, the DouDizhu AI system achieves better performance and ranks top in the Botzone leaderboard among more than 400 AI agents, including DouZero.



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Each project requires students to implement general-purpose AI algorithms and then to inject domain knowledge about the Pac-Man environment using search heuristics, evaluation functions, and feature functions.

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The features and functionality of the MAPLE Game Playing System are discussed and possible assignments within A.I. or introductory programming courses are suggested.

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A Java graphical gaming framework that enables students in an introductory artificial intelligence (AI) course to immediately apply and visualize the topics from class and believe that the use of games motivates students.

RoboCup: A Challenge Problem for AI and Robotics

Technical challenges involved in RoboCup, rules, and simulation environment are described and a software platform for research on the software aspects of RoboCups is offered.

Machine learning and games

AI research on computer games began to follow developments in the games industry early on, but since John Laird’s keynote address at the AAAI 2000 conference, numerous workshops, conferences, and special issues of journals demonstrate the growing importance of game-playing applications for Artificial Intelligence.


This paper shows that for two common variants of Go‐Moku, the game‐theoretical value has been established and is shown to be equivalent to five in a row on a horizontally placed 15×15 board.