Botulinum toxin A treatment of adult upper and lower limb spasticity.

  title={Botulinum toxin A treatment of adult upper and lower limb spasticity.},
  author={Stefan Hesse and B Brandi-Hesse and Anita Bardeleben and Cordula Werner and Marion Funk},
  journal={Drugs & aging},
  volume={18 4},
This article discusses the treatment of spasticity with botulinum toxin A as a new approach in the neurological rehabilitation of patients after stroke. Clinical studies have been reviewed to provide information about target groups, technical aspects and the advantages and disadvantages of treating spasticity with botulinum toxin A. Open and controlled studies showed that the intramuscular injection of Dysport 500 to 1,500U or Botox 100 to 300U could reversibly relieve upper limb flexor and… CONTINUE READING
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