Botryllus schlosseri: a model ascidian for the study of asexual reproduction.

  title={Botryllus schlosseri: a model ascidian for the study of asexual reproduction.},
  author={Lucia Manni and Giovanna Zaniolo and Francesca Cima and Paolo Burighel and Loriano Ballarin},
  journal={Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists},
  volume={236 2},
Botryllus schlosseri, a cosmopolitan colonial ascidian reared in the laboratory for more than 50 years, reproduces both sexually and asexually and is used as a model organism for studying a variety of biological problems. Colonies are formed of numerous, genetically identical individuals (zooids) and undergo cyclical generation changes in which the adult zooids die and are replaced by their maturing buds. Because the progression of the colonial life cycle is intimately correlated with… CONTINUE READING

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