Both ATP sites of human P-glycoprotein are essential but not symmetric.

  title={Both ATP sites of human P-glycoprotein are essential but not symmetric.},
  author={Christine A Hrycyna and M. Ramachandra and Ursula A. Germann and P. W. Cheng and Ira Pastan and Michael M. Gottesman},
  volume={38 42},
Human P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is a cell surface drug efflux pump that contains two nucleotide binding domains (NBDs). Mutations were made in each of the Walker B consensus motifs of the NBDs at positions D555N and D1200N, thought to be involved in Mg(2+) binding. Although the mutant and wild-type P-gps were expressed equivalently at the cell surface and bound the drug analogue [(125)I]iodoarylazidoprazosin ([(125)I]IAAP) comparably, neither of the mutant proteins was able to transport fluorescent… CONTINUE READING


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Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Cells(Gupta, S., and Tsuruo, T., Eds.) pp 29 -37

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