Both, and: Transmedicalism and resistance in non-binary narratives of gender-affirming care

  title={Both, and: Transmedicalism and resistance in non-binary narratives of gender-affirming care},
  author={Lex Konnelly},
  journal={Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics},
  • Lex Konnelly
  • Published 4 June 2021
  • Medicine
  • Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics
While gender dysphoria is a real and acute distress for many transgender people, it is not universal, and it is experienced and oriented to in a myriad of ways. However, its status as a prerequisite for gender-affirming care can lead trans people to feel compelled to amplify its salience in their pursuits for medical support. Through a critical discourse analysis of non-binary healthcare narratives, I trace the relationship between linguistic practices in these care interactions and the gender… 
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