Bose-fermi mixtures in a three-dimensional optical lattice.

  title={Bose-fermi mixtures in a three-dimensional optical lattice.},
  author={Kenneth John G{\"u}nter and Thilo St{\"o}ferle and Henning Moritz and Michael K{\"o}hl and Tilman Esslinger},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={96 18},
We have studied mixtures of fermionic (40)K and bosonic (87)Rb quantum gases in a three-dimensional optical lattice. We observe that an increasing admixture of the fermionic species diminishes the phase coherence of the bosonic atoms as measured by studying both the visibility of the matter wave interference pattern and the coherence length of the bosons. Moreover, we find that the attractive interactions between bosons and fermions lead to an increase of the boson density in the lattice which… CONTINUE READING

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