Bose-Einstein condensation of 84Sr.

  title={Bose-Einstein condensation of 84Sr.},
  author={Yenny Natali Martinez de Escobar and P G Mickelson and Mi Yan and barbara. desalvo and S. B. Nagel and Thomas C. Killian},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={103 20},
We report Bose-Einstein condensation of (84)Sr in an optical dipole trap. Efficient laser cooling on the narrow intercombination line and an ideal s-wave scattering length allow the creation of large condensates (N(0) approximately 3 x 10(5)) even though the natural abundance of this isotope is only 0.6%. Condensation is heralded by the emergence of a low-velocity component in time-of-flight images. 
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