Bose-Einstein Correlations In

  title={Bose-Einstein Correlations In},
  author={Agacheva Yu. and BELOKOPYTOVb and V. Arranz and BEREZHNOYb and P. Vitek and CHLIAPNIKOVb and F.. and CRIJNSd and A. D. and ROECKe and DE E.A. and Wolfe and K. and DZIUNIKOWSKAf and F. A.M. and ENDLERg and P. F.B. and ERMOLOVh and A.. and ESKREYSf and H.. and GRAESSLERi and R. Sh. and HAKOBYANj and Phu Nguyen Van and Hald and T. and HAUPTd and L. Passarelli and KISHINEVSKAYAj and W... and KITTELd and A. I. and KURNOSENKOb and B. B.T.P. and LEVCHENKOh and MEIJERSd and Anastasio Micha and LOWSKAe and V. I. and NIKOLAENKOb and S. L.C. and OLIVEIRAg and OLKIEWICZf and {\'E}. and RIIPINENk and H. F.G. and ROLOFFc and V. Maximov and RONJINb and M. A.. and RYBINb and T. H.M. and SAARIKKOk and SCHMITZi and L.. and SCHOLTENd and J.... and STEPANIAKa and O. G.Rodr{\'i} and TCHIKILEVb and A. Gravet and TOMARADZEb and UVAROVb},
  • Agacheva Yu., BELOKOPYTOVb, +61 authors UVAROVb
  • Published 2007
Two-pion correlations are studied for pions of like charge in K + p and + p collisions at 250 GeV/c. An enhanced production is observed at small momentum diierence and is attributed to Bose-Einstein interference between identical particles. A systematic study is presented on the innuence of parametrization and reference sample. Interpreted in terms of the Kopylov-Podgoretskii parametrization a size of the emitting region r K 1:4 fm is found. The Lorentz invariant parametrization of Goldhaber… CONTINUE READING

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