Bose-Einstein Condensation of 84 Sr

  title={Bose-Einstein Condensation of 84 Sr},
  author={Y. N. Martinez de Escobar and Pascal G. Mickelson and Mi Yan and barbara. desalvo and S. B. Nagel and Thomas C. Killian},
The study of quantum degenerate gases continues to be at the forefront of research in atomic and condensed matter physics nearly 15 years after the first observation of BoseEinstein condensation [1–3]. Current areas of focus include the behavior of quantum fluids in optical lattices [4], effects of dimensionality [5] and disorder [6,7], exploration of the BEC-BCS crossover regime [8], and the pursuit of quantum degenerate molecular systems [9]. Quantum degeneracy in alkaline earth metal atoms… CONTINUE READING
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