Bose-Einstein Condensates with Large Number of Vortices

  title={Bose-Einstein Condensates with Large Number of Vortices},
  author={T Ho},
We show that as the number of vortices in a three dimensional Bose-Einstein condensate increases, the system reaches a “quantum Hall” regime where the density profile is a Gaussian in the xy plane and an inverted parabolic profile along z. The angular momentum of the system increases as the vortex lattice shrinks. However, Coriolis force prevents the unit cell of the vortex lattice from shrinking beyond a minimum size. Although the recent MIT experiment is not exactly in the quantum Hall regime… CONTINUE READING


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  • K. W. Madison, F. Chevy, W. Wohlleben, J. Dalibard
  • Rev. Lett. 84, 806 (2000); F. Chevy, K. Madison…
  • 2000

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