Boron : A key element in radical reactions *

  title={Boron : A key element in radical reactions *},
  author={Philippe Renaud and Alice Beauseigneur and Andrea Brecht-Forster and Barbara Becattini and Vincent Darmency and Sarkunam Kandhasamy and Florian Montermini and Cyril Ollivier and Philippe Panchaud and Davide Pozzi and Eoin M Scanlan and A Schaffner and Val{\'e}ry Weber},
Boron derivatives are becoming key reagents in radical chemistry. Here, we describe reactions where an organoboron derivative is used as a radical initiator, a chain-transfer reagent, and a radical precursor. For instance, B-alkylcatecholboranes, easily prepared by hydroboration of alkenes, represent a very efficient source of primary, secondary, and tertiary alkyl radicals. Their very high sensitivity toward oxygenand heteroatom-centered radicals makes them particularly attractive for the… CONTINUE READING

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