Born This Way?: Time and the Coloniality of Gender

  title={Born This Way?: Time and the Coloniality of Gender},
  author={Marie Draz},
  journal={The Journal of Speculative Philosophy},
  pages={372 - 384}
  • M. Draz
  • Published 2017
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Speculative Philosophy
The "born this way" narrative remains a popular way to defend nonnormative genders and sexualities in the United States. While feminist and queer theorists have critiqued the narrative's implicit ahistorical and essentialist understanding of sexuality, the narrative's incorporation by the state as a way to police gender identity has gone largely underdeveloped. I argue that transgender accounts of this narrative reorient it amid questions of temporality, race, colonialism, and the nation-state… 

From Duration to Self-Identification?

  • M. Draz
  • Sociology
    TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly
  • 2019
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Burning it in? Nietzsche, Gender, and Externalized Memory

  • M. Draz
  • Art, Psychology
    Feminist Philosophy Quarterly
  • 2018
In this article, I extend the feminist use of Friedrich Nietzsche’s account of memory and forgetting to consider the contemporary externalization of memory foregrounded by transgender experience.

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