Bork's Jurisprudence

  title={Bork's Jurisprudence},
  author={Ronald M. Dworkin and Robert H. Bork},
  journal={University of Chicago Law Review},
Although I have written about Robert Bork's constitutional theories before,' I agreed to review The Tempting of America2 because he there sets out what he calls the "original understanding" thesis in a more complete and revealing form than he has attempted before. That thesis is unlikely to recover from his new defense of it, and his book may prove an important event for that reason. Bork also argues that law must be a matter of common sense, and that the flourishing of academic legal theory… 
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Demystifying Legal Reasoning

Part I. Law and its Function: 1. Moral controversy Part II. Common Law Reasoning: Deciding Cases When Prior Judicial Decisions Determine the Law: 2. Ordinary reason applied to law: natural reasoning