Borel sets with large squares

  title={Borel sets with large squares},
  author={Saharon Shelah},
  journal={arXiv: Logic},
  • S. Shelah
  • Published 1998
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Logic
For a cardinal mu we give a sufficient condition (*)_mu (involving ranks measuring existence of independent sets) for: [(**)_mu] if a Borel set B subseteq R x R contains a mu-square (i.e. a set of the form A x A, |A|= mu) then it contains a 2^{aleph_0}-square and even a perfect square, and also for [(***)_mu] if psi in L_{omega_1, omega} has a model of cardinality mu then it has a model of cardinality continuum generated in a nice, absolute way. Assuming MA + 2^{aleph_0}> mu for… Expand
Packing Index of Subsets in Polish Groups
The (almost) packing index indP(A) of A is equal to the supremum of cardinalities |S| of subsets SG such that the family of shifts {xA}x2S is ( almost) disjoint (in the sense that |xA \ yA| < |A| for any distinct points x,y 2 S). Expand
Infinite dimensional perfect set theorems
What largeness and structural assumptions on A ⊆ [R]ω can guarantee the existence of a non-empty perfect set P ⊆ R such that [P ]ω ⊆ A? Such a set P is called A-homogeneous. We show that even if A isExpand
Weak Borel chromatic numbers
It is consistent with an arbitrarily large size of the continuum that every closed graph on a Polish space either has a perfect clique or has a weak Borel chromatic number of at most ℵ1. Expand
Perfect cliques and _{} colorings of Polish spaces
A coloring of a set X is any subset C of [X] N , where N > 1 is a natural number. We give some sufficient conditions for the existence of a perfect C-homogeneous set, in the case where C is G δ and XExpand
Borel sets without perfectly many overlapping translations
For a cardinal lambda<lambda_{omega_1} we give a ccc forcing notion P which forces that for some Borel subset B of the Cantor space (1) there a sequence (eta_alpha:alpha 5 for allExpand
Notes on Cardinals That Are Characterizable by a Complete (Scott) Sentence
The set of cardinals that are characterized by a Scott sentence is closed under successors, countable unions and countable products, and it is proved that if $\aleph_\alpha$ is characterized byA Scott sentence, at least one of $\ aleph_alpha$ and $ is homogeneously characterizable. Expand
A dichotomy theorem for the generalized Baire space and elementary embeddability at uncountable cardinals
We consider the following dichotomy for $\Sigma^0_2$ finitary relations $R$ on analytic subsets of the generalized Baire space for $\kappa$: either all $R$-independent sets are of size at mostExpand
Perfect cliques and G colorings of Polish spaces
A coloring of a set X is any subset C of [X] N , where N > 1 is a natural number. We give some sucient conditions for the existence of a perfect C-homogeneous set, in case where C is G and X is aExpand
Cantor’s Continuum Hypothesis was proved to be independent from the usual ZFC axioms of Set Theory by Gödel and Cohen. The method of forcing, developed by Cohen to this end, has lead to a profusionExpand
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A b s t r a c t. We study the existence of Borel sets B ⊆ 2 admitting a sequence 〈ηα : α < λ〉 of distinct elements of 2 such that ∣(ηα+B)∩ (ηβ +B) ∣∣ ≥ 6 for all α, β < λ but with no perfect set ofExpand


A two-cardinal theorem and a combinatorial theorem
We prove a new two-cardinal theorem, e.g. (M., L ) (2"O, N). For this we prove a combinatorial theorem. This is a sequel of Shelah [SI], and solves the main problem there. This problem also appearsExpand
On Models with Power-Like Ordering
  • S. Shelah
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • J. Symb. Log.
  • 1972
We prove here theorems of the form: if T has a model M in which P 1 ( M ) is κ 1 -like ordered, P 2 ( M ) is κ 2 -like ordered …, and Q 1 ( M ) is of power λ 1 , …, then T has a model N in which P 1Expand
A two-cardinal theorem
We prove the following theorem and deal with some related questions: If for all n<a>,T has a model M such that n" < \Q \n < \PM\ < XQ then for all A , ¡x such that \T\ < p, < A<Ded* (p.) (e.g. ft =Expand
Identities on Cardinals less than alephomega
The types of colorings of finite subgraphs that must occur when kappa <= 2^{aleph_0}. Expand
Two cardinal compactness
We prove that ifλ≧μℵo=μ≧|T | and if every finite subtheory ofT has a (λ, μ)-model (i.e. a model with a domain of powerλ, in which a distinguished predicate is interpreted as a set ofμ elements) thenTExpand
The Number of Pairwise Non-Elementary-Embeddable Models
  • S. Shelah
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • J. Symb. Log.
  • 1989
Notant I(λ, T 1 , T) le nombre de modeles de T, a isomorphisme pres, de cardinalite λ qui sont des reductions de modeles de T 1 , on obtient des resultats de positivite et de consistence sur I(λ, T 1Expand
On Co-κ-souslin relations
This is a continuation of Harrington and Shelah [3]; however, the contents of this paper are self-contained.
Sh g] Saharon Shelah. Cardinal Arithmetic, volume 29 of Oxford Logic Guides
  • Sh g] Saharon Shelah. Cardinal Arithmetic, volume 29 of Oxford Logic Guides
  • 1994
Strong Partition Relations Below the Power Set: Consistency, Was Sierpi´Sierpi´nski Right, II?
  • Proceedings of the Conference on Set Theory 60 of Colloquia Mathematica Societatis Janos Bolyai. Sets, Graphs, and Numbers
  • 1991