Borel-Weil theory and Feynman path integrals on flag manifolds

  title={Borel-Weil theory and Feynman path integrals on flag manifolds},
  author={Takashi Hashimoto and Kazunori Ogura and Kiyosato Okamoto and Ryuichi Sawae},
In [6] we computed path integrals on coadjoint orbits of the Heisenberg group, SU(19 1) and SU(2) etc.. As to the Heisenberg group, we succeeded in computing the path integrals for complex polarizations as well as real polarizations. For the complex polarizations of SU(l, 1) and SU(2)9 however, we found it difficult to carry out the computation of path integrals, so that we computed the path integrals without Hamiltonians. Soon after we encountered difficulty of divergence of the path integrals… CONTINUE READING


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