Boredom proneness and psychosocial development.

  title={Boredom proneness and psychosocial development.},
  author={Jakkie G. Van der Watt and Stephen J. Vodanovich},
  journal={The Journal of psychology},
  volume={133 3},
The effect of boredom proneness as measured by the Boredom Proneness Scale (R. F. Farmer & N. D. Sundberg, 1986) on college students' psychosocial development was investigated via the Student Developmental Task and Lifestyle Assessment (SDTLA; R. B. Winston, T. K. Miller, & J. S. Prince, 1995). Low boredom-prone students had significantly higher scores on the following SDTLA measures: career planning, lifestyle planning, peer relationships, educational involvement, instrumental autonomy… CONTINUE READING

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