Bordetella pertussis TonB, a Bvg-independent virulence determinant.

  title={Bordetella pertussis TonB, a Bvg-independent virulence determinant.},
  author={Elizabeth Pradel and Nicole Guiso and Franco Menozzi and Camille Locht},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={68 4},
In gram-negative bacteria, high-affinity iron uptake requires the TonB/ExbB/ExbD envelope complex to release iron chelates from their specific outer membrane receptors into the periplasm. Based on sequence similarities, the Bordetella pertussis tonB exbB exbD locus was identified on a cloned DNA fragment. The tight organization of the three genes suggests that they are cotranscribed. A putative Fur-binding sequence located upstream from tonB was detected in a Fur titration assay, indicating… CONTINUE READING


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