Borderland City in New India

  title={Borderland City in New India},
  author={Duncan McDuie‐Ra},
decades, the majority of that attention has been focused on its major cities. Borderland City in New India: Frontier to Gateway instead explores contemporary urban life in a smaller city located in India’s Northeast borderland at a time of dramatic change, showing how this city has been profoundly affected by armed conflict, militarism, displacement, interethnic tensions, and the expansion of neoliberal capitalism. 
Smart cities, backward frontiers: digital urbanism in India's north-east
ABSTRACT India's Smart Cities Mission (SCM) launched in 2015 has awarded 100 smart cities nation-wide, proffering funds, compulsory corporate partnerships, and new configurations of urban governance.
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ABSTRACT The implementation of the Look East Policy (LEP) ─ now the Act East Policy ─ in the 1990s signaled a marked shift in India’s economic policy aimed at transforming its northeastern region
Book Review: Jungle Passports: Fences, Mobility, and Citizenship at the Northeast India-Bangladesh Border
that adds to the already rich ethnographic text with an online companion. The book ’ s epilogue suggests that the Covid-19 pan-demic has recon fi gured solidarity work in Sicily and opens new
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At the heart of ‘Indian nation-state making’ in the post-colonial context is dominant imagery and imaginary of Indian-ness, and there is an uncertain relationship between legitimate and illegitimate
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The concept of the Silk Road has recently been repackaged as a China-led inter-state enterprise that will lead to ‘a win-win attempt for all’. This technocratic utopia of superior infrastructure,
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ABSTRACT Militarization and various forms of state repression are continuous factors shaping daily life and practices in Manipur. Within this context my paper grapples with the impossibility of
Political motherhood and a spectacular resistance: (Re) examining the Kangla Fort Protest, Manipur
  • P. Ray
  • Sociology
    South Asian History and Culture
  • 2018
ABSTRACT This essay is a (re)examination of the Kangla Fort protest in Manipur (2004), where 12 imas (mothers) enacted a spectacular nude protest, with banners reading ‘Indian army rape us/Indian


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Part A: Polarized Cities 1. Introduction 2. Scholarship with an 'I' 3. Soul in the City: Epic Cultures and Urban Fault-lines Part B: Nine Cities, Nine Sorrows 4. Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
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