Border food and food on the border: meaning and practice in Mexican haute cuisine

  title={Border food and food on the border: meaning and practice in Mexican haute cuisine},
  author={Margath A. Walker},
  journal={Social \& Cultural Geography},
  pages={649 - 667}
Restaurants and their attendant practices are high-profile sites at which regional and national cuisines are experienced, experimented with, and negotiated. In particular, they are important settings for the consumption and production of national identity—a crucial space through which to understand the coalescing of the material and representational. This article focuses specifically on the production side of the pairing through an examination of restaurants that are part of a prominent… 

Blending tradition and modernity: gastronomic experiences in High Peruvian cuisine

ABSTRACT This study examines the design and delivery of gastronomic experiences at restaurants of High Peruvian cuisine. Besides the presentation of creative dishes, food is also used to communicate

Why can’t Palestinian chefs penetrate the boundaries of upscale dining in Israel?

Ethnic and professional identities are generally viewed as incongruent. While ethnic cooking is seen as a reproduction of unaltered native dishes, professional cooking raises anticipation of invented

26 June 2006

This case study examines the unique situation of the Pink Store in Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico, a small town and crossing point on the US-Mexico frontier. This case is unique and interesting because

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Bibliography "Food as Heritage"

The following bibliography is conceived as a selection of international literature on food as heritage and as a marker of identity within the huge amount of works recently produced on the topic of

A bite of nostalgia: The influence of nostalgia in consumers’ loyalty intentions at traditional restaurants

Social geography I Food

This review discusses the social geographies of food, focusing on how social geographic research has been taken up in and influenced by the wider discussions of food geographies in the discipline. ...



Cocinas Públicas: Food and Border Consciousness in Greater Mexico

Food is fundamental to the workings of identity and belonging, power, and social change. This special issue of Food & Foodways addresses such critical concepts by exploring cocinas públicas of

"Eat the World": Postcolonial Encounters in Quebec City's Ethnic Restaurants

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This paper discusses the culinary consumption choices of South Korean international students in Auckland, New Zealand as a route to re-considering the transnational production of familiarity. In

How to Make a National Cuisine: Cookbooks in Contemporary India

  • A. Appadurai
  • Art
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1988
Cookbooks, which usually belong to the humble literature of complex civilizations, tell unusual cultural tales. They combine the sturdy pragmatic virtues of all manuals with the vicarious pleasures

Border crossings: new approaches to the Irish border

This paper explores and extends recent work on the Irish border that has sought to redress the relative lack of attention to the social, economic and cultural dimensions of the border in contrast to

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"Real Belizean food": building local identity in the transnational Caribbean.

  • R. Wilk
  • Sociology
    American anthropologist
  • 1999
Food and cooking can be an avenue toward understanding complex issues of cultural change and transnational cultural flow. Using examples from Belize, I discuss the transformation from late colonial

The social life of the tortilla: Food, cultural politics, and contested commodification

Resurgent interest incommodities is linked to recent attempts toovercome the constraints posed by the binariesof economy/culture and production/consumption.Commodities and commodification represent


I am a literary critic who grew up in a household almost empty of books but often filled with food. The formative years of my life were spent cooking with my mother in the kitchens of restaurants

The Cultural Economy of a Border Renaissance: Politics and Practices in the City

Abstract The production of culture in urban image-making has received much attention within geography. This paper intervenes in the culture–economy debates in a slightly different way—namely, through