Border disputes: do boundaries play a role in growth-cone guidance?


One of the earliest indications of regional patterning in the CNS is the spatially restricted expression of regulatory genes within the neuroepithelium. Many of these genes encode transcription factors and, although little is known of their downstream targets, it seems likely that they control the identity of cells in different regions of the CNS. This review discusses how the expression of these patterning genes might influence the location at which the first axon pathways in the CNS are pioneered. Evidence is described that suggests that the boundary regions between adjacent domains of regulatory gene expression influence where the first axons will extend.


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@article{Wilson1993BorderDD, title={Border disputes: do boundaries play a role in growth-cone guidance?}, author={Suzhuei W Wilson and Michael Placzek and A J Furley}, journal={Trends in neurosciences}, year={1993}, volume={16 8}, pages={316-23} }