Border disease of sheep and goats.

  title={Border disease of sheep and goats.},
  author={Peter F. Nettleton and Janice A. Gilray and Pierre Russo and Elyess Dlissi},
  journal={Veterinary research},
  volume={29 3-4},
Border disease (BD) is a congenital virus disease of sheep and goats first reported in 1959 from the border region of England and Wales. BD virus (BDV) is a pestivirus in the genus Flaviviridae and is closely related to classical swine fever virus and bovine virus diarrhoea virus (BVDV). Nearly all isolates of BDV are non-cytopathogenic (ncp) in cell culture. There are no defined serotypes but pestiviruses isolated from sheep exhibit considerable antigenic diversity and three distinct antigenic… CONTINUE READING