Bootstrapping the (A1, A2) Argyres-Douglas theory

  title={Bootstrapping the (A1, A2) Argyres-Douglas theory},
  author={Martina Cornagliotto and Madalena Lemos and P. Liendo},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe apply bootstrap techniques in order to constrain the CFT data of the (A1, A2) Argyres-Douglas theory, which is arguably the simplest of the Argyres-Douglas models. We study the four-point function of its single Coulomb branch chiral ring generator and put numerical bounds on the low-lying spectrum of the theory. Of particular interest is an infinite family of semi-short multiplets labeled by the spin ℓ. Although the conformal dimensions of these multiplets are protected, their three… Expand

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