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Bootstrapping Boundaries and Branes

  title={Bootstrapping Boundaries and Branes},
  author={Scott Collier and Dalimil Maz{\'a}{\vc} and Yifan Wang},
The study of conformal boundary conditions for two-dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) has a long history, ranging from the description of impurities in one-dimensional quantum chains to the formulation of D-branes in string theory. Nevertheless, the landscape of conformal boundaries is largely unknown, including in rational CFTs, where the local operator data is completely determined. We initiate a systematic bootstrap study of conformal boundaries in 2d CFTs by investigating the… 

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We derive a dispersion relation for two-point correlation functions in defect conformal field theories. The correlator is expressed as an integral over a (single) discontinuity that is controlled by

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We study the low-energy limit of Wilson lines (charged impurities) in conformal gauge theories in 2+1 and 3+1 dimensions. As a function of the representation of the Wilson line, certain defect

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Large black holes in anti-de Sitter space have positive specific heat and do not evaporate. In order to mimic the behavior of evaporating black holes, one may couple the system to an external bath.

Partial reduction and cosmology at defect brane

Partial reduction is a Karch-Randall reduction for only part of the AdS region between finite tension brane and zero tension brane. This is interesting in AdS/BCFT where the AdS bulk contains a

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Abstract We study the entanglement phase structure of a holographic boundary conformal field theory (BCFT) in a two-dimensional black hole background. The bulk dual is the AdS3 black string geometry

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We consider line defects with large quantum numbers in conformal field theories. First, we consider spin impurities, both for a free scalar triplet and in the Wilson-Fisher O(3) model. For the free



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The linear functional method of deriving lower bounds on the boundary entropy of conformal boundary conditions in 1+1 dimensional conformal field theories (CFTs) is developed further, and it is suggested that the precise linear functional bound on s for the Monster CFT is exceptional.

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We introduce analytic functionals which act on the crossing equation for CFTs in arbitrary spacetime dimension. The functionals fully probe the constraints of crossing symmetry on the first sheet,