Bootstrap based uncertainty bands for prediction in functional kriging

  title={Bootstrap based uncertainty bands for prediction in functional kriging},
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Functional regression concurrent model with spatially correlated errors: application to rainfall ground validation
Abstract In this paper, we give an extension of the functional regression concurrent model to the case of spatially correlated errors. We propose estimating the spatial correlation structure by using
Ensemble Spatial Interpolation: A New Approach to Natural or Anthropogenic Variable Assessment
Experiments show that the proposed framework has the promising ability to produce robust interpolation functions that can both scale to handle large sample data sets and deal with uncertainty quantifications, although weak voter interpolation Functions are deterministic or highly data-consuming.
Spatial Distribution of CO2 Verified Emissions: a Kriging-Based Approach
Reducing carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) anthropogenic emissions is an essential goal for combating climate change, and firms and policymakers must be aware of the main polluting areas of intervention for
Simulation of Open Quantum Dynamics with Bootstrap-Based Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network.
The bootstrap-based LSTM-NN approach is a practical and powerful tool to propagate the long-time quantum dynamics of open systems with high accuracy and low computational cost.
Automatic Evolution of Machine-Learning based Quantum Dynamics with Uncertainty Analysis
This work builds an effective machine learning approach to simulate the dynamics evolution of open quantum systems and provides an efficient protocol to build the optimal neural networks and to estimate the trustiness of the machine learning models.
Geostatistics: Unde venis et quo vadis?
Los datos espaciales o espacio-temporales no son nuevos. Han estado siempre ahí. Sin embargo, hasta hace pocos años no se ha desarrollado la teoría y la tecnología para que la comunidad científica
Spare Parts Forecast Analysis based on Important Calculation of Element Fault Tree
Spare parts are an important material basis for the use and maintenance of machine tools, and they are an important factor affecting equipment life cycle costs. In this paper, the element movements


Residual Kriging for Functional Spatial Prediction of Salinity Curves
Recently, several methodologies to perform geostatistical analysis of functional data have been proposed. All of them assume that the spatial functional process considered is stationary. However, in
Continuous Time-Varying Kriging for Spatial Prediction of Functional Data: An Environmental Application
Spatially correlated functional data are present in a wide range of environmental disciplines and, in this context, efficient prediction of curves is a key issue. We present an approach for spatial
Kriging with external drift for functional data for air quality monitoring
Functional data featured by a spatial dependence structure occur in many environmental sciences when curves are observed, for example, along time or along depth. Recently, some methods allowing for
Cokriging for spatial functional data
A universal kriging approach for spatial functional data
In a wide range of scientific fields the outputs coming from certain measurements often come in form of curves. In this paper we give a solution to the problem of spatial prediction of non-stationary
Kriging Prediction Intervals Based on Semiparametric Bootstrap
It is shown that the distribution of kriging predictors for non-Gaussian processes may be far from Gaussian, even asymptotically, which emphasizes the need for other ways to construct prediction intervals.
geofd: An R Package for Function-Valued Geostatistical Prediction
The R package geofd is described which implements ordinary kriging prediction for spatially correlated curves by estimated solving a linear system based estimated trace-variogram function.
Ordinary kriging for function-valued spatial data
A methodology to make spatial predictions at non-data locations when the data values are functions and an optimization criterion used in multivariable spatial prediction is adapted in order to estimate the kriging parameters.
A comparison of block and semi-parametric bootstrap methods for variance estimation in spatial statistics
Modelling collocation uncertainty of 3D atmospheric profiles
Atmospheric thermodynamic data are gathered by high technology remote instruments such as radiosondes, giving rise to profiles that are usually modelled as functions depending only on height. The