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Boosting the Quantum State of a Cavity with Floquet Driving

  title={Boosting the Quantum State of a Cavity with Floquet Driving},
  author={David M. Long and Philip J. D. Crowley and Alicia J. Koll'ar and Anushya Chandran},
The striking nonlinear effects exhibited by cavity QED systems make them a powerful tool in modern condensed matter and atomic physics [1– 4]. A recently discovered example is the quantized pumping of energy into a cavity by a strongly-coupled, periodically-driven spin [5, 6]. We uncover a remarkable feature of these energy pumps: they coherently translate, or boost, a quantum state of the cavity in the Fock basis. The required ultra-strong coupling may be achieved in a rotating frame. Boosting… Expand

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Eq (12) is also a decomposition into an overcomplete combination of coherent states. However, being a decomposition of the wavefunction, Eq. (12) is non-trivially related to more stan
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