Boolean query optimization and the 0-1 hyperbolic sum problem


An “intelligent front-end” or “logic assistant” is an interactive program devised to assist the users of an information retrieval system in the formulation of their queries. In order to provide knowledge usable in such a program, we study a problem of query optimization with an average efficiency criterion. We formulate it as a new combinatorial optimization problem, which we call 0-1 hyperbolic sum, and provide an exact branch-and-bound algorithm and two heuristics (of simulated annealing and tabu search type) to solve it. Computational experience illustrating the effectiveness of the tabu search technique is reported.

DOI: 10.1007/BF01531072

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@article{Hansen1990BooleanQO, title={Boolean query optimization and the 0-1 hyperbolic sum problem}, author={Pierre Hansen and Marcus Poggi de Arag{\~a}o and Celso C. Ribeiro}, journal={Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence}, year={1990}, volume={1}, pages={97-109} }