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  title={Book review},
  author={Monish Bhatia},
  journal={State Crime Journal},
  • Monish Bhatia
  • Published 1 January 2019
  • Sociology
  • State Crime Journal
This study examines the Greek language as used by residents of the Western (dp) and Northern (vp) suburbs of Athens. Theodoropoulou offers an original theoretical perspective and draws on a wide range of data—from ethnographic interviews to popular literature, television, hip-hop, and Facebook—to docu-ment special features and discourses characteristic of speech styles identified with vp and dp. These features and discourses are discussed in relation to three orders of indexicality across… 


Social correlates of a linguistic variable:A study in a Spanish village
In this study, linguistic and anthropological research methods are employed in investigating the use of one salient feature in the speech of a small community in northern Spain. Though set in rural
Style: Language Variation and Identity
Style refers to ways of speaking - how speakers use the resource of language variation to make meaning in social encounters. This 2007 book develops a coherent theoretical approach to style in
Sex, covert prestige and linguistic change in the urban British English of Norwich
Women use linguistic forms associated with the prestige standard more frequently than men. One reason for this is that working-class speech has favourable connotations for male speakers. Favourable
Three Waves of Variation Study: The Emergence of Meaning in the Study of Sociolinguistic Variation
The treatment of social meaning in sociolinguistic variation has come in three waves of analytic practice. The first wave of variation studies established broad correlations between linguistic
This article reports on the relationship between the English variable (ING) and two divergent accents (Southern and gay) as they are conceptualized and given social meaning in listeners' perceptions
Indexical order and the dialectics of sociolinguistic life
Identity and interaction: a sociocultural linguistic approach
The article proposes a framework for the analysis of identity as produced in linguistic interaction, based on the following principles: (1) identity is the product rather than the source of
Identity and Interaction: A Sociocultural Linguistic Approach - eScholarship
A RT I C L E Identity and interaction: a sociocultural linguistic approach M A RY B U C H O L T Z U N I V E R S I T Y O F C A L I F O R N I A , S A N TA B A R B A R A KIRA HALL Discourse Studies
  • S. Pandya
  • The Princeton Guide to Historical Research
  • 1987