Book review: Digital Journalism

  title={Book review: Digital Journalism},
  author={Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska},
  journal={Discourse \& Communication},
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serve a prescriptive, interventionist, and political end. It should be noted, however, that as CA is being ‘applied’, a whole new set of questions and challenges also arise, not least among which are how awareness and behavior change can be measured and whose interest the change serves. The first challenge is methodological and the second ethical. Addressing the methodological challenge means a need to acknowledge the limitations of CA and a willingness to complement CA with other methods or… 
Mediamorphosis of Regional Newspapers: Utilization of the Internet’s Potential by Kannada Media
The advent of the internet has posed threats as well as offered new opportunities for the traditional news media industry. The innumerable potentials of the internet include instant delivery of news,
The Future of Journalism
The “age of digital media” is witnessing innovation and radical change across all aspects of journalism, creating economic difficulties for legacy media and a frenzied search for alternative busine...


Discourse in Late Modernity: Rethinking Critical Discourse Analysis
Discourse in Late Modernity sets out to show that critical discourse analysis is strongly positioned to address empirical research and theory-building across the social sciences, particularly
Beware the ‘Loughborough School
  • 2012
Introduction. In: Richards K and Seedhouse P (eds) Applying Conversation
  • 2005