Book Reviews

  title={Book Reviews},
  author={U. Nortmann},
  journal={History and Philosophy of Logic},
  pages={145 - 172}
  • U. Nortmann
  • Published 2005
  • History and Philosophy of Logic
1. Structure, themes, and addressees Entitled Language, Logic, Mathematics. A Different Introduction to Logic, this is an introductory logic textbook. Although the intended audience consists of philosophy students in the first place, the book may be expected to be of interest also to students of related disciplines. No prerequisite knowledge is required. Nortmann explains that the book is old-fashioned in two respects: (1) an attempt is made to say as much as possible in ‘good old words… Expand


The Foundations of Mathematics in the Theory of Sets
In The Foundations of Mathematics in the Theory of Sets, John Mayberry attacks the 2000-year-old problem of accounting for the foundations of mathematics. His account comes in three interrelatedExpand
Zermelo's Axiom of Choice: Its Origins, Development, and Influence
Prologue.- 1 The Prehistory of the Axiom of Choice.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 The Origins of the Assumption.- 1.3 The Boundary between the Finite and the Infinite.- 1.4 Cantor's Legacy of ImplicitExpand
Admissible sets and structures
Let's read! We will often find out this sentence everywhere. When still being a kid, mom used to order us to always read, so did the teacher. Some books are fully read in a week and we need theExpand
Accessible Independence Results for Peano Arithmetic
Recently some interesting first-order statements independent of Peano Arithmetic (P) have been found. Here we present perhaps the first which is, in an informal sense, purely number-theoretic inExpand
1883b. ‘Über unendliche, lineare Punktmannigfaltigkeiten’, pt
  • Ewald
  • 1996
Axiomatizing set theory
Tarski published the book Undecidable Theories
  • The concept of essential undecidability,
  • 1953