Book Reviews

  title={Book Reviews},
  author={Kevin D. McCranie and Marcus Faulkner and David P. French and Gregory A. Daddis and James Iain Gow and Austin Long},
  journal={Journal of Strategic Studies},
  pages={281 - 293}
Levels of complexity make the American War of Independence a difficult conflict to understand. An insurrection in Britain’s thirteen American colonies became a regional war fought by conventional forces. At the same time, irregular warfare did not cease but instead fanned the flames of conflict across the colonies. The instability resulting from Britain’s attempt to reestablish control over its thirteen colonies caused hostilities to expand beyond North America, leading to a global maritime… Expand
Exploring Consequences of U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan: An Overview and Perspective on Economy
Since 2003, the economic situation, life expectancy, and per capita income of Afghanistan were increasing. This was mainly due to foreign aid reported $83 billion from 2003 to 2016. 90% ofExpand
Estrategias de gestión del efectivo y rentabilidad de las empresas ecuatorianas: caso sectores construcción y transporte
Esta investigación se centra en analizar las estrategias para la administración del efectivo y su relación con los resultados operativos de las empresas de los sectores Transporte y ConstrucciónExpand
The Effect of Iterative Learning Control on the Force Control of a Hydraulic Cushion
An iterative learning control (ILC) algorithm is presented for the force control circuit of a hydraulic cushion and presents significant improvements in terms of settling time and overshoot of the pressure signal in the cylinder. Expand
Iterative Learning Control for a Hydraulic Cushion
An Iterative Learning Control algorithm is presented for the force control circuit of a hydraulic cushion, which improves the existing control scheme based on classical PI control and feedback linearization and reduces considerably the settling time and overshoot of the pressure signal. Expand