Book Reviews

  title={Book Reviews},
  author={Tony Mason and Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi and John Obert Voll and Alaric Searle and John W. Young and Matthew D. Jones and David A. Welch and Philip Shukry Khoury and Michael J. Watts and Brad Simpson},
  journal={The International History Review},
  pages={143 - 159}
Fears of devastation by air attack are older than air warfare itself. H.G. Wells wrote The War in the Air three years before the first bombs from an aircraft were dropped in Tripoli in 1911. He prophesied the vulnerability of cities. One hundred years later terrorist leaders would be killed from the air deep in their international sanctuaries, far from the cells they had organized and beyond the reach of the ground forces hunting them. The means of attack were very different, but they shared…