Book Review · Buchbesprechung

  title={Book Review · Buchbesprechung},
  author={R{\^o}mulo Romeu N{\'o}brega Alves and Harald Walach and Michael Bernateck and Mareike Becker and Christine Schwake and Ludwig Hoy and Torsten Passie and Alexandr Parlesak and Michael J. Fischer and Matthias Fink and Matthias Karst and Michael Teut and J{\"o}rn Dahler and Christoph Schnegg and Alexandra L. Burch and Bridget Dibb and Sarah Brien and Anna Maria Wiedemann and Philipp von Trott and Rainer L{\"u}dtke and Anne Luise Rei{\ss}hauer and Stefan N. Willich and Claudia M. Witt and Peter Heusser and Ursula Wolf and H. M. Vonwiller and Nadine Messerli and Kurt Laederach-Hofmann},
  journal={Complementary Medicine Research},
  pages={238 - 239}
This book claims to be ‘the definitive book on alternative medicine ... and delivers the ultimate verdict with clarity, scientific rigour and absolute authority ... Our mission is to reveal the truth about the potions, lotions, pills, needles, pummelling and energizing that lie beyond the realms of conventional medicine, but which are increasingly used supposedly to heal patients. We want to find out: what works and what doesn’t? What are the secrets and what are the lies? Who can you trust and… 



Food is Better Medicine Than Drugs: Your Prescription for Drug-Free Health

This is an impressively large tome (>450 pages), featuring 37 pages of References, a Resource section and detailed Index, which make this title an invaluable clinical tool.

Parapsychology: Science of the anomalous or search for the soul?

Although there has been over a century of formal empirical inquiry, parapsychologists have clearly failed to produce a single reliable demonstration of “paranormal,” or “psi,” phenomena. Although

Critical thinking and belief in the paranormal: a re-evaluation.

  • C. Roe
  • Psychology
    British journal of psychology
  • 1999
The claim that believers in the paranormal exhibit poor critical thinking ability relative to disbelievers is evaluated, as manifested in their inability to evaluate the competence of experimental abstracts.

The Great Cholesterol Con -The Truth about What Really Causes Heart Disease, and How to Avoid It

  • 2007

org, section 9.16

  • Kendrick M: The Great Cholesterol Con – The Truth about What Really Causes
  • 2006

Heart Disease, and How to Avoid It

  • 2007

A holistic (non-emergent) theory of consciousness'. www.reginaldkapp. org, section 9