Book Review: E-Learning and the Science of Instruction

  title={Book Review: E-Learning and the Science of Instruction},
  author={Murat Ataizi and Aras Bozkurt},
  journal={Contemporary Educational Technology},
E-learning is the rising star of 21st century education. In today’s world, individuals are living in the age of digital transformation and the globe is experiencing the e-learning revolution. The notion of e-learning premises us effective, efficient, and appealing learning opportunities (synchronous or asynchronous) through the computer and network technologies. Currently, though e-learning is accepted and regarded as mainstream by many, and has been put into practice already, the idea is still… 
Evaluation Criteria for Interactive E-Books for Open and Distance Learning
The aim of this mixed method study is to identify evaluation criteria for interactive e-books through a four-round Delphi study with a panel consisting of 30 experts and the results and their implications are discussed.