Book Essay on Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-5

  title={Book Essay on Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-5},
  author={Leon Hoffman},
  journal={Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association},
  pages={125 - 147}
  • L. Hoffman
  • Published 1 February 2014
  • Psychology
  • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association

How Can I Help You? Dimensional versus Categorical Distinctions in the Assessment for Child Analysis and Child Psychotherapy

ABSTRACT This paper describes the process of a psychoanalytically-informed or a psychodynamic diagnostic assessment with children, contrasting it with a DSM-like diagnostic process. The importance of

Increasing Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorders Among Urban Special Educators in Tanzania

Autism spectrum disorder or autism is seen world-wide, however in Tanzania there is emerging awareness and understanding about the disorder among teachers. This study examines the knowledge outcomes

Parental satisfaction and perception of Progress in influencing the Practice of complementary health approaches in children with autism: a cross sectional survey from Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

  • J. Ong
  • Psychology, Medicine
    BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • 2019
Strong positive relationship was found between parent satisfaction with ASD treatment scores and parent perception of progress scores, which indicates that parents who were satisfied with treatment were more likely to perceive greater progress in their child’s development.

Risk for ASD in Preterm Infants: A Three-Year Follow-Up Study

Earlier gestational age and lower general developmental abilities were associated with elevated ASD risk among preterm children, and the long-term risk for ASD was higher when parental reports were employed compared to observational instruments.

Crisis Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Self-Organized Criticality Approach

The SOC model offers possible interpretations of crisis behavior dynamics suggesting that they are unpredictable and, in a sense, necessary, according to a “power law” curve.

The Age at Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children in Japan

The need to develop and provide appropriate early intervention methods and services for ASD children in Japan was highlighted, with an annual trend of earlier diagnosis observed when fiscal years were compared.

Gender Minority Stress and Depressive Symptoms in Transitioned Swiss Transpersons

The results confirmed the importance of distal and proximal minority stressors for the mental health of transpersons and suggested practitioners should not only focus on somatic aspects, but also consider the person's previous experiences of stigmatization.

Efficacy and Safety of a Formulated Herbal Granula, Jiu Wei Zhen Xin, for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Meta-Analysis

This meta-analysis preliminarily suggests that JWZXG is as effective as azapirones, though having the same possibility of suffering AEs, and was inferior to SSRIs but causes fewer AEs in the treatment of GAD.

Estudio de prevalencia del trastorno por déficit de atención e hiperactividad en niños en régimen de acogimiento residencial

Prevalence of ADHD in children in a foster care institution in Albunol (Granada) in 2016 was visibly high in comparison with estimated prevalence in children general population, with innatentional subtype being the most important.

A Double Label: Learning Disabilities and Emotional Problems among Gifted Children

Many gifted children are “double labeled”, namely in addition of being gifted they are also learning disabled and/or suffer from emotional, social or behavioral problems. This article will present



DSM-5 Is A Guide, Not A Bible—Simply Ignore Its 10 Worst Changes

The changes in the newly approved DSM-5 loosen diagnosis and threaten to turn our current diagnostic inflation into diagnostic hyperinflation.

Lost in the Forest

Freud on “Mind-Body” I: The Psychoneurobiological and “Instinctualist” Stance; with Implications for Chapter 24, and Two Postscripts

This chapter is partly a postscript to Chapter 24, because some of my thinking on mind-body has been influenced by Freud’s. Moreover, because many psychiatrists are mostly aware of the heavily

Reliability and validity of the Social Cognition and Object Relations Scale in clinical use

Abstract The authors examined the reliability and convergent validity of the Social Cognition and Object Relations Scale (SCORS) when used to measure relational narratives and self-statements

Freud and His Aphasia Book: Language and the Sources of Psychoanalysis. By Valerie Greenberg. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1997, xii + 207 pp., $32.50.

Valerie Greenberg’s book is one to be studied, not to be read casually. I was struck by the parallel between Greenberg’s comments about Strachey-he “thought the aphasia text difficult to read” (p.

Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual

The Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual (PDM; PDM Task Force, 2006) is the first psychological diagnostic classification system that considers the whole person in various stages of development. A task

From Symptom to Process: How the PDM Alters Goals and Strategies in Psychological Assessment

The implications of these contrasting perspectives for diagnosis and psychological assessment are discussed, strategies for documenting the construct validity of DSM and PDM symptom criteria using symptom- focused and process-focused methods are outlined, and suggestions for how DSM symptom-focused data can be integrated with PDM process- focused data to facilitate case conceptualization and treatment planning are offered.

One hundred years after Sigmund Freud’s lectures in America: towards an integration of psychoanalytic theories and techniques within psychiatry

In order to re-integrate itself with mainstream psychiatry, psychoanalysis needs to appreciate the importance of systematic demonstrations of the therapeutic power of psychodynamic/psychoanalytic concepts and techniques when caring for individuals.