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Bone wound medicine (gushangling)

  title={Bone wound medicine (gushangling)},
A kind of external applying medicine for treating traumatic injuries of bones and muscles and its sequelae is composed of 1-5 of rhizome of davallia, 1-3 of pyrite, 1-3 of seed of Momovdica cochinchinensis, 1-3 of tuber of hyachinth bletilla powder, 1.5-2 of frankincense, 0.5-1 of myrrh, 0.5-1 of borneol, 1-2 of pseudo-genseng, 1-2 of dragon's blood, 1-2 of safflower, and 1-2 of Chinese rhubarb. It functions for promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, causing the muscles and joints… Expand