Bone welding--a histological evaluation in the jaw.

  title={Bone welding--a histological evaluation in the jaw.},
  author={Ronald Mai and G{\"u}nter G Lauer and Eckart Pilling and Roland Jung and Henry Leonhardt and Peter C Proff and Bernd Stadlinger and Winnie Pradel and Uwe Eckelt and Jochen Fangh{\"a}nel and Tomasz Gedrange},
  journal={Annals of anatomy = Anatomischer Anzeiger : official organ of the Anatomische Gesellschaft},
  volume={189 4},
The expansion of biodegradable osteosynthesis systems in clinical application correlates well to the progress in development of new materials as to the improvement of application methods. One of those new application methods is the ultrasound-aided insertion of Resorb-X pins. The aim of this study was the histological evaluation of possible thermal damage to bone due to the ultrasound insertion. For this purpose, condylar neck fractures in 12 sheep were produced, repositioned and fixed by… CONTINUE READING

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