Bone sarcomas in Paget disease.

  title={Bone sarcomas in Paget disease.},
  author={H G Greditzer and Richard A. McLeod and Krishnan K. Unni and John W. Beabout},
  volume={146 2},
The most serious complication of Paget disease is the development of sarcoma. Forty-one cases of bone sarcoma in Paget disease, which represented our institution's entire experience, were reviewed. The relative frequency of sarcomatous degeneration was 0.9%. Histologically, 35 of 41 lesions were osteogenic sarcomas, and six were fibrosarcomas. The distribution of lesions was similar to that expected with uncomplicated Paget disease, except for a disproportionately high number of lesions in the… CONTINUE READING


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