Bone sarcomas in Paget disease: a study of 85 patients.

  title={Bone sarcomas in Paget disease: a study of 85 patients.},
  author={Jason E Smith and Jose F Botet and Samuel D. J. Yeh},
  volume={152 3},
This is a comprehensive review of 85 patients who had bone sarcoma associated with Paget disease and who were seen at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center between 1927 and 1982. There was an almost equal distribution of tumors in the axial and the appendicular skeletons. The pelvis, humerus, femur, and skull were the tumor sites in 80% of cases. The tumors were bulky large soft tissue masses. Lytic lesions were more common than sclerotic lesions. Mixed lytic and sclerotic lesions were much… CONTINUE READING