Bone sarcomas associated with Ollier's disease.

  title={Bone sarcomas associated with Ollier's disease.},
  author={Jen-pei Liu and Phillip Hudkins and Ronald G. Swee and Krishnan K. Unni},
  volume={59 7},
Of 55 patients with Ollier's disease seen at the Mayo Clinic between 1907 and 1985, 16 had malignant bone neoplasms: 12 chondrosarcomas, two dedifferentiated chondrosarcomas, one chordoma, and one osteosarcoma. One patient had a chondrosarcoma in two different bones. These findings suggest that approximately 30% of patients with Ollier's disease will develop a malignant bone neoplasm, most probably chondrosarcoma. The prognosis for most patients is good. Five of the 16 patients survived more… CONTINUE READING

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