Bone remodeling in the lumbar vertebrae of young adult beagles.

  title={Bone remodeling in the lumbar vertebrae of young adult beagles.},
  author={Gillian R. Snow and Kristi K. Karambolova and Colin E Anderson},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={47 6},
Thirty-two static and dynamic histomorphometric determinants of tetracycline-labeled trabecular bone were determined for the L1 and L3 vertebrae of 5 intact and 6 oophorectomized Beagle bitches. Because significant differences in trabecular bone remodeling between the 2 vertebrae were not found, we concluded that the mean of the combined L1 and L3 data, or the mean of data generated from individual vertebrae, may be representative of trabecular bone remodeling of the lumbar vertebrae of Beagles… CONTINUE READING