Bone properties in overweight pre- and early-pubertal boys.

  title={Bone properties in overweight pre- and early-pubertal boys.},
  author={B Falk and Sarah Braid and Michael Moore and Deborah D O'Leary and Phil Sullivan and Panagiota Klentrou},
  journal={Pediatric exercise science},
  volume={20 1},
The objective of this study was to assess bone strength using quantitative ultrasound (QUS, Sunlight Omnisense) in pre- and early-pubertal normal weight (NW, % body fat < or = 20, n = 28), and overweight (OW, % body fat < or = 25, n = 15) boys. Groups were similar in chronological and skeletal age, sexual maturity, sports participation, and calcium intake. Leisure-time physical activity was lower in OW boys. Radial speed of sound (SOS) was similar in the two groups. Tibial SOS, however, was… CONTINUE READING