Bone mineraldensity and biochemical markers of bone turnover in patients following heart transplantation


To observe bone mass and bone metabolism status in patients following heart transplantation, bone mineral density (BMD) of the lumbar spine (L2-LA) and the proximal femur using dual energy X-ray absorptiometry, and biochemical markers of bone turnover, such as osteocalcin (OSC), carboxyterminal propeptide of type l procollagen (PICP) and carboxyterminal cross-linked tdopeptide of type I collagen (ICTP), parathyreoid hormone (PTH) and 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25 OH D), were measured in 9 patients (7 females, 2 males; mean age 46 years, range 27-58 years) following heart transplantation (mean 12 months, range 1 to 40 months). BMD values (g/cm 2) at the L2-LA, femoral neck, ward's triangle, and trochanter major in patient group were significantly lower (p<0.001) than those of 18 normal subjects matched for age, sex, and menopausal status. BMD values expressed as age-starched % were as follows (mean + SD): L2-L4 86.7 + 19.8%, femoral neck 88.8 + 21.1%, ward's triangle 81.1 + 24.7%, and trochanter major 88.4 + 16.7%. Mean serum values of bone formation markers (OSC and PICP) and bone resorption marker (ICTP) were significantly higher (p<0.02) i n than those of 38 normal subjects. Serum PTH and 2~ patients group OH D levels were normal. No significant difference (p>0.05) was observed between serum concentration of PTH or 25 OH D iu patios[ group and normal subjects. There was a significant positive correlation' between OSC and PICP (r=0.78, p=0.O14, n=9). These data suggest that there was a reduction of BMD the lumbar spine and proximal femoral and a high bone turnover without secondary byperparathymidism and abnormal vilamin D metal~lism in patients following heart transplantation. BIOCHEMICAL BONE METABOLISM RESPONSES IN GLUCOCORTICOID-TREATED PJ-~UMATOID ARTHRITIS PATIENTS FOLLOWING KISEDRONATE THERAPY. R. Eastdl, J. P. Dcvogela~r, C. Nagant de Deuxchaisnos, N. Sac, co..Gibson. RGG Russell. Cliniques Umvcrsitaires Samt-Luc, Bmssdls. Belgium; University of Sheffield, Sbeffield, UK; P&G Phammr.eutics, Cinciranai, OIL USA. In a multicenter, double-blind, placebo conuoll~l study of 120 posmumopansal womm with rheummoid arthritis, treated with ghicocorticoids, riscdrom~ therapy prevcnted bone loss (to be presmted at fl~s meeting). The risedronate regimen was either 2.5 ms/day (daily) or 15 rag/day for 2 weeks every 12 weeks (cyclic), PTH, unnary hydroxyprolmc (HPrl/erl), and collagen crosslinks (Dpyr/crt aad Pyr/crt) were evaluated at various times during the course of the study (2 years on drag; I year follow-up) in order to asses bone turnover and calcium homeostasis. The mean values (SEM) at be~inc, at the end of I year of riscdr(mate-tt~tmmt {W49) aad at the md of the follow-up imnod (W145) ave s ~ ia the Table drown below, Fla~bo Daily C~clic B W49 WI45 B W49 WI45 B W49 WI45 PTH 2.85 2.98 3.79 3.58 3.Sl 4.0 2.9 3.09 3A (pmol/L) (.!6) (.16) ( .72) (.25) (.31) (5.0) (+16) (.21) (.28) I~'l/Cr 30.7 29.5 25.9 30.S 17.6" 22.2 32.3 27.6 20.9 (mmoFmmol) (4.0) (59) (3.07) (6.8) t1.5) (3.11) t6.7) (8.1) (2.52) ~ / C r 58.5 75.5 61.2 63.5 51.7 65.7 61.2 $3.7 63.4 (lxaoUlanol) 14A [ (18.9) (5.4) (7.8) t4.S) (6.6) ~5:9) ! (4.2) (5.61 Dp~r/Cr 13.9 14.7 14.5 14.6 9.9" /ll.i~ /1~.~); 13.2 II3 (pmol/panol) (I.0) (I.2) (1.3) ' 0.8) (//4) (.7) (.7) Bffitmsclw~. HPd/r values I~r reposed for tufty I site, issays diff~vd; *p=005 Tbe~ data demonstral~ tim plmnnacodynonucs of risedronatc-flucapy in a population with accclcrat~ bone tamovcr due to glucnoo~icoids. Scram ealcium mrmmed in normal limits for ~-',~c patknts (data not shown). The wamimt PT~ i n o ~ observed in early in study (data not shown) reflects the same profile I ~on,notdy observed in h~dthy vokm~r~ and ix~mneno~usal worries trea~l with bisphosphomm:s Riscdronatc decreased bone resorption ia this populaaan, but tumovcr did not appear to be oversuppre~xl. Therefore, riscdrono~ therapy may be aa appropriate clinical regimen for 81ucocorticoid<reated rheumatoid astlu'itis patient,

DOI: 10.1007/BF02500696

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