Bone mineral density in mature, premenopausal ultramarathon runners.

  title={Bone mineral density in mature, premenopausal ultramarathon runners.},
  author={Lisa K Micklesfield and Estelle V. Lambert and Abdul Basier Fataar and Timothy David Noakes and Kathryn Helen Myburgh},
  journal={Medicine and science in sports and exercise},
  volume={27 5},
We measured bone mineral density (BMD) in 25 premenopausal ultramarathon (56 km) runners aged 29-39 yr and related risk factors for decreased BMD with actual BMD. Fifteen runners who had never had oligo/amenorrhea (R) were compared with 10 runners (OA): 4 oligomenorrheic, 2 amenorrheic, and 4 with prior oligo/amenorrhea. Menstrual, dietary and training data were obtained. BMD of the lumbar spine (LS) and proximal femur (F) were measured by dual energy x-ray densitometry. Both groups had similar… CONTINUE READING