Bone mineral density in hyperthyroidism.

  title={Bone mineral density in hyperthyroidism.},
  author={Helen J Karga and Peter D. Papapetrou and Areti Korakovouni and Fotini E Papandroulaki and Antony Polymeris and George Pampouras},
  journal={Clinical endocrinology},
  volume={61 4},
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether previous hyperthyroidism is a cause of permanent secondary osteoporosis. DESIGN AND PATIENTS In this cross-sectional study, 164 women with untreated or previously treated overt and symptomatic hyperthyroidism were examined 0-31 years after the initial episode of hyperthyroidism and its treatment, and were compared with a control group of 79 age-matched women without previous history of hyperthyroidism. Subjects with current or previous metabolic bone disease… CONTINUE READING