Bone marrow micrometastases in breast cancer patients


The presence of epithelial cells in bone marrow may be a prognostic factor in breast cancer, and so we evaluated their evolution in treated and untreated patients. A first bone marrow aspirate was obtained from 125 stage I/II breast cancer patients at diagnosis and repeated every 6–8 months; the samples were processed for leukocyte separation, used to… (More)
DOI: 10.1023/A:1006336100142


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@article{Molino1999BoneMM, title={Bone marrow micrometastases in breast cancer patients}, author={Annamaria Molino and Giuseppe Pelosi and Rocco Micciolo and Monica Turazza and Rolando Nortilli and Flavia Pavanel and Gian Luigi Cetto}, journal={Breast Cancer Research and Treatment}, year={1999}, volume={58}, pages={123-130} }