Bone marrow cytogenetic abnormalities of aplastic anemia.

  title={Bone marrow cytogenetic abnormalities of aplastic anemia.},
  author={Yi Kong Keung and Mark J. Pettenati and Julia M. Cruz and Brenda L. Powell and Ralph D. Woodruff and David H Buss},
  journal={American journal of hematology},
  volume={66 3},
Cytogenetic abnormalities in association with aplastic anemia have been reported fairly infrequently. Clonal cytogenetic abnormalities at initial diagnosis are uncommon. A retrospective study was performed of the cytogenetic findings in patients with typical morphological and clinical features of severe aplastic anemia from a single institution for the years 1988 through 1998. A total of 30 cases of aplastic anemia, 16 men and 14 women, were identified. The median age was 60 with females being… CONTINUE READING
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