Bone cysts: unicameral and aneurysmal bone cyst.

  title={Bone cysts: unicameral and aneurysmal bone cyst.},
  author={{\'E}ric Mascard and Anne Gomez-Brouchet and Karine Lambot},
  journal={Orthopaedics & traumatology, surgery & research : OTSR},
  volume={101 1 Suppl},
Simple and aneurysmal bone cysts are benign lytic bone lesions, usually encountered in children and adolescents. Simple bone cyst is a cystic, fluid-filled lesion, which may be unicameral (UBC) or partially separated. UBC can involve all bones, but usually the long bone metaphysis and otherwise primarily the proximal humerus and proximal femur. The classic aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) is an expansive and hemorrhagic tumor, usually showing characteristic translocation. About 30% of ABCs are… CONTINUE READING