Bone Mineral Content in a Sample of Indonesian Population

  • Iwan Ekayuda, Sri Pardiastuti
  • Published 2014


Quantirative Conryuted Totnography (QCT) was perforned on 223 healthy subjects, cottsisring of 164 fentales (average age 38.84 years) and 59 nnles (average age 43 years), using asonaton CRCT-Scanner (Sienens AG, Erlangen, Gernnnl,). A Sientens calibration phanton, which is conposed of 2 conponents, water a,td 20O ng/nl hydroryapatite, was used. The rate of BMC reductiott with age in the fenale subjects was found to be not uniforn. There was accelerated reduction during the perinenopausal period. This rate of reduction was found to be uniforn in the male subjects. The average BMC of these male Indonesian in the various age groups did trot dffir greatly from reference values of other countries, as was ako found in the fenrale Indonesiatt subiect up to the age of 50There was a narked disparityfron other studies in wonen over 50. IJsing the appropriate regression ttndel, these values catr be considered as refe renc e values fo r I ndo nes i ans.

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