Bonding to ground dentin by a phenyl-P self-etching primer.

  title={Bonding to ground dentin by a phenyl-P self-etching primer.},
  author={Ikki Watanabe and Nobuo Nakabayashi and David Henry Pashley},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={73 6},
Increasingly higher concentrations of Phenyl-P in 30% HEMA were used as dentin conditioners to improve the bonding of adhesive resins to smear layers. The maximum bond strength (10.4 MPa) was obtained at a concentration of 20% Phenyl-P. Transmission electron microscopy of fractured, lightly smeared, and compactly smeared dentin demonstrated that 20% Phenyl-P in 30% HEMA demineralized the dentin surface by partially dissolving mineral crystals from around collagen. When applied to smear layers… CONTINUE READING


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