[Bonding strength of brackets with and without silane coating].


This study was undertaken to show that a silane treated bracket base can provide a better bonding to the enamel than conventional bonding bases commercially available. Five different types of metal brackets, each with different retentive properties, were tested. 20 brackets of each type were used, half of them silanated with a special silicoater treatment. The brackets were bonded to the surface of the teeth with Concise Enamel Bond and were then tested to failure in an Instron testing machine after 28 days. The following conclusions can be drawn from the study: 1. Silane-coated bracket bases demonstrated a higher bonding strength than the conventional bases, 2. silane treatment of plain bases is an effective method for the bonding of brackets to teeth, similiar to non-silane-boated brackets with additional mechanical retentive devices.

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